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Dating Advice websites attract the masses

Dating advice websites

Theplanetstack – Dating advice websites : Social networking sites, personal ad writer and dating coaches have traditionally helped people meet some one special not just the heterosexual but all the sexual preferences that people have. Even when all these are happening and there are plethora of articles about it on the internet, very few cover/advice you about what to be done when you meet that special person.

Strangely, the term ‘dating’ has taken it’s own versions and makes people think only about getting laid and the part of liking someone is kind of fading over a period of time with the new generation interpreting it the other way.

Here is what you do when you meet that special person,

Adting advices
Don’t create that awkward moment with wrong choices of words!

For men with first time jitters,try being interested instead of interesting. Girls always prefer to play a friendship role with guys being interesting. To win her heart, be interested in her and take time to listen and respond to her in a very positive vibe ( with some magic in it 😉 )

Women tend to lose interest with men who are trying put too much conversation attention on sex, sexual topics and sexual innuendos and her looks What women really want besides these topics? here are the list,

What else do you want besides sex?

What else do you like about her?

What is that you can do for her? Is she special to you?

Again, its not just about the above. If you want to get on a second date with her, you have to create sexual and non-sexual attraction on the first date.

How to you get her sexually interested? its not just the ‘S’ word that women lean towards. You don’t have to be explicit. All you have to do is maintain that posture, attitude and other non verbal communications.

Non-sexual attraction is created by listening and responding to the girl in accordance to what you look forward in the relationship and what is the future.

Exiting to read? Oh wait! I haven’t covered the other side of the story. Women also have to take up certain cues from the first date to take it to the next level. Stay tuned and we’ll come up with an exiting article women dating men for the episode of ‘dating advice websites’.

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