Part time jobs sucks? – How to make AUD$20 every month

Part time jobs are not easy to find especially, online!

Theplanetstack – Part time jobs; Australia only

When it comes to making money online, there are tons of service providers who trick you into registering on an online lead generation form that makes you look like a jackass at the end of the registration. Kind of hard to digest? Isn’t this repetitive and annoying to go through? Most people don’t even realize that they are being tricked and give away their information to those annoying database builders who starts pestering you with phone calls.

It’s become a trend and we all know it. Scouting through the internet is like finding a needle in the haystack. We  can help you connect to the right brand to get going and yeah, continue to read to know more about this article.

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C’mon, nobody said it’s easy. You need to realize, nothing comes for free and neither are the businesses willing to give it to you unless you add value to their business. Isn’t it obvious? I came across this brand which is global and I would definitely say it’s worth giving it a shot.

I know what you’re thinking right now… It’s just a waste of time right? I would counter it by saying it does not involve hard labor and who knew just sharing opinion about the products and services pays off.

Thepanelstation :

How about I told you that you’ll be rewarded in cash, vouchers and also a chance to be that lucky sweepstakes winner. Below is what I found on their instagram handle.


As a registered user on ‘’, I would easily say they by far is the best online community that pays promptly to their community members.

I have redeem 5 time so far and the allowed redemption options are,Coles, JBHiFi and Paypal.

Let me give you a background of

Thepanelstation is a Market Research company Head quartered in India and are conducting Market Research in 30+ markets. Don’t believe me? have a look at the below table that I found in their terms and conditions.

Argentina ARS 75 125 200
Australia AUD 7.5 12.5 20
Brazil BRL 20 35 55
Chile CLP 7500 12500 20000
China CNY 60 100 160
Columbia COP 30000 50000 80000
Egypt EGP 90 150 240
France EURO 10 15 25
Germany EURO 10 15 25
Hong Kong HKD 75 125 200
South Korea WON 15000 25000 40000
Philippines PHP 600 1000 1600
India INR 300 500 800
Indonesia IDR 150000 250000 400000
Italy EURO 10 15 25
Kenya KES 600 1000 1600
KSA SAR 35 60 95
Malaysia MYR 30 50 80
Mexico MXN 75 125 200
New Zealand NZD 15 25 40
Nigeria NGN 2250 3750 6000
Poland PLN 60 100 160
Russia RUB 300 500 800
Singapore SGD 9 15 24
South Africa ZAR 75 125 200
Taiwan TWD 450 750 1200
Thailand THB 240 400 640
Turkey TRY 30 50 80
UAE AED 35 60 95
UK GBP 10 15 25
USA USD 10 15 25
Vietnam VND 108000 180000 288000

As per my research, these guys have been for a almost a decade in the industry and are genuinely paying their community members. Oh yeah, you need to take the surveys they send. Surprisingly, after I registered, I had to hardly take 5 surveys and I could redeem $7.5 easily within a week.

Nothing more to ask for what we do. Sharing opinions takes 15 mins of your time each for survey and it definitely is a value add-on. It just requires a laptop or your mobile phone with internet to take surveys. Give it a try and i’ll scout for another online community as such and update this article post testing their services.

Click the below button to register:

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”″ icon=”” target=”true” nofollow=”true”]Registration Link[/button]

Leave a comment about your experience post registration on the community. Your comments can help people in making those extra bucks or we can vote them out and create that awareness to our fellow citizens.

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