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Turning hobbies into easy money

Turning hobbies into easy money

It is no surprise hearing “I hate my job” from a 9 am-5 pm employee. When you find yourself in a loophole of a monotonous routine with no opportunities to be creative. Or just the will to be creative is absent, the exhaustion and frustration are inevitable. But what about turning something you love, your hobbies into easy money, a skill, and probably a career.

If you think about it, you would be doing something that eases off stress for a living. It will be an activity you know inside and out. You will be highly motivated to do more with it, get creative every day. It’s like having fun while working, or getting paid for having fun perhaps. Now, if you don’t have a hobby already, we have cherry-picked some hobbies. Let’s start.


Food is an art. The chef is the artist. It’s no more about quantity or filling up stomachs. It’s an experience, which people love to capture and share on social media. Presentations of palettes, experimenting in the kitchen trying out fusions in an attempt to make something exotic, is exciting!

You may start off exhibiting your newly found hobby on social media. YouTube channel or Instagram account dedicated to your creative recipes. According to Google, almost 59% of women between 25-34 years look up recipes on their phones. You can sell your creations as a small venture online, or perhaps hit the road with a food truck.


If you love to freeze time in visually stunning captures and know how to, photography can become your gig. All you need is a nice camera and skills to optimize its functions. Photography is one of many hobbies to make easy money. You can start freelancing your photographic skills, cover events and professional mugshots. You can monetize your clicks as stock photos, prints.

By posting on social media, you can get a massive influx of followers and monetize your posts. Professional photography accounts are one of the most remunerative modes of monetization on social media. It is a promising route if we talk about the number of brands looking to get sponsored.

Designing and illustration

This one is all about your creative skills. Bountiful with the potential to earn well working in the comfort of your home. You can have freelance contracts, through several networks of freelancers and clients from all over the world, to name a few,,,, For beginners, you may start working on your designs on with tons of free templates to polish your skills.

To take your money-making further you can print your arts on t-shirts, posters, mugs, canvases, hats, etc. market them, and sell! The benefit of this is you don’t require an inventory to keep, as you can print side by side with the orders, you can display your samples online for your customers, once your product gets high demand you may invest in your inventory then.


Like illustrations, writing is also a creative skill. Having a passion for writing upholds a lot of potential to be more than just a sheer hobby. Writing skills come in handy in literally every aspect, from business to personal blogs. You can be an expert on a topic and publish your copyrighted writings, or you may simply offer your skill as a service to your clients.

Get your contracts based on freelancing through freelance websites, being an expert on a particular topic increases your demand, however you can always start from an entry-level writer and climb your way up to the expert level, practising and polishing your writings. This is one of the many hobbies to make easy money

Interior decorating

Everyone desires an exclusive home décor toning their lifestyle, but not everyone has the sense of adding and placing the right elements to a room to make it all sync. So, if you are someone who has a knack for decorating your house and often receive compliments about your décor then you can without a doubt start up your own interior designing business. Having prior experience in interior design is a plus. You may start as an interior designing consultant, offering your advisory service over the phone or perhaps a video conference to help clients.

These are just a few of the many hobbies you might acquire if you think about what you enjoy doing the most. The examples were only to give you the gist of how your hobby, regardless of its nature, can earn you easy cash.
I have a passion for writing, so I became a content writer freelancing my writing skills to earn extra cash while I pursue my education in business studies. I felt the impulse to start something on my own.

Some tips for a head start

  1. Learning curve: To earn from your hobby, you might want to take it up a notch as it is no longer just a fun activity, you need to have a learning edge to understand the existing market and demand of your skill which may take a while to get a hold on.
  2. Pick another hobby: Once you start making money from your previous hobby it will no longer be a hobby, so you might want to develop another pastime as you may still want to have an activity to reduce stress or get your mind off of work for a while.
  3. Setting fair prices: When you start advertising your skills you may want to start at a reasonable price according to the status of your work, keeping a price closer to the expert level while being on the intermediate level will only deflect clients. To ensure your price is reasonable, be sure to conduct meticulous research and find out the on going rates for the field you have opted for. Setting a fair price is one of the many keys to turning hobbies into easy money
  4. Modes of Payment – PayPal or Venmo: Once you make clients, it is always a good idea to have a reliable mode of payment, to receive it on time and convenient to keep a record of.

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

About the Author:

Saniya Ahmed

21 years old, an aspiring writer. Her work includes short stories, articles, and business writings. Currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan, doesn’t eat pork!

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