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DIY floating candles

Fun DIY project for floating candles

If you’re a fan of magic; then this DIY for floating candles might just be the one for you. Ever wondered about possessing something that magically floats around? In this DIY tutorial, we’re making our candles float in thin air, with just a few supplies you may conveniently find at your home. For our floating candles, we will be using tea lights, but you can use whichever light/candle of your choice.

Requisites or items required

  • Paint-brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle or thumbtack
  • 10 thumbtacks or command hooks
  • 10 empty toilet rolls
  • White acrylic craft paint
  • White craft paper
  • Fishing wire
  • 10 small battery-powered tea lights
Step #01

Required time: 15-20minutes
You need to be prompt and precautious for this step, you will start by turning on your hot glue gun, once the glue is ready, smoothly glue around the top edge of the toilet paper roll and continue till the glue starts dripping down from the edge giving off wax-like drips for the candle.

Tip: Since we want the glue to make wax drips, the hotter and meltier the glue stick will be, the more exaggerated effect of melted wax we can have on our candle.

Step #02

Required time: 20-60minutes
Now, this is where you bring out the artist inside you and get creative with your candles. Paint the toilet roll and the dried wax drips, and design your candles to match them to your desired look, you can use multiple colours for a fairytale look, or plain white for dramatic effect. The time taken for this step depends on the number of coats you apply and the type of paint you use.

Tip: Use acrylic paint for a more finished look, avoid using watercolour paints.

Step #03

Once your paper towel candle is ready, you will cover the paper roll from below with cardboard paper, opposite to the wax drips. Glue the cardboard paper to the base using hot glue to give it a stronghold to hang from the ceiling, cut off the extra paper from the edges once the glue dries up completely.
Do not use thin paper, such as parchment paper, to cover the base. Crossing the needle through parchment or any thin paper will tear up the base.

Step #04

To execute this step effortlessly, put a needle through your thread and fishing wire and push through the base of the candle (cardboard paper cover), then tie the end with a simple knot where you want it to hang. After poking through the base, you will now insert holes four holes in pairs, facing each other at equal distance, and thread your needle through these holes.
Choosing fishing wire, as it is thin and easy to poke through the base, yet strong enough to hold the suspended candle firmly.

Step #05

Carefully place your light source, preferably a battery-powered candle, on top of the fishing line your thread against four holes.

Time to show off your hard work, you now have to look where the candles match the vibe. There can be a lot of ways and places to pose these candles.

  1. Living room, white hanging candles will surely add an elegant touch to the décor.
  2. Dining table, orange flame-like candles hanging above, bringing warmth to the table.
  3. Terrace/balcony, colourful or not the floating candles with plants and pillows, a group of friends sipping tea will give you the cozy vibe we all look for after a long tiring week.
  4. Bedroom, the dim candles glowing in the dark with slow music in the background. Soothing and aesthetic.

Enjoy your DIY floating candles.

Photo by Hakan Erenler from Pexels

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